Energy and Logistics Strategic Consulting

Project Feasibility

Location and market analysis with financial modeling

Supply Chain Optimization

Analysis and visualization
Rail rate benchmarking and negotiations

Market Research

Identification and analysis of business growth opportunities



Business Model

Green Peak Analytics has subject matter experts that are engaged on a project-by-project basis
-Keeps overhead at a minimum
-Allows for each project to have the best resources brought in for the project’s needs
-Only experts approved by client will be used on projects
-Experts are proven resources, having successfully worked with them for years
-Projects are managed closely to insure all experts are efficiently utilized and projects stay on-task and on-time


Supply Chain Optimization

Increase your profitability and decrease your shipping times by analyzing your
-Modal Options
-Available Equipment

map of modal options.png

Rail Rate Benchmarking

Benchmark your rail rates against public data to determine opportunities to improve rates

Identify your key lanes and leverage opportunities when you negotiate new rates with railroads

Rail Rate Analysis.png

Asset Optimization

Determine the necessary rail equipment you need and look for sub-lease opportunities for extra assets

Develop a long-term lease or purchase plan to decrease risk of having to acquire assets in a tight market

updated fleet.png

Business Growth Opportunities

Research and analyze growing markets where you can get a return on your current assets or identify assets to be acquired

Perform origin-destination analysis of your top lanes, or your competitors’ top lanes, to find new opportunities

Analyze distribution networks (service days, inventory, regional distribution centers)

Biz Growth optys.png

Financial Modeling

Create a complete financial and cash flow model for current or potential projects

“Stress test” your assumptions and see your payback period and internal rate of return

updated cash.png

Energy and Chemicals Markets

Deliver professional independent market research and analysis utilizing extensive experience in these markets with an emphasis on supply chain

Identify opportunities with a custom focus for clients that are backed by research, analysis, and industry insights

updated NGL.png


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Denver, CO

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Jay Olberding


Jay is a mechanical engineer with over 13 years experience in bulk logistics and energy markets
Over 150 strategic consulting engagements for shippers, railroads, and private equity
Management of a hazardous liquids transportation operation
Trading energy commodities
Developing maps and supporting data systems related to energy logistics

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